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Female Libido and Sexual Arousal

For a myriad of reasons, many women have difficulty in dealing with their arousal (or lack thereof) and are not exactly sure how to go about dealing with restarting their sexual desire and arousal. The first thing that every woman should know is that lack of libido and sexual arousal is fairly common. Millions of women suffer from the effects of menopause and other conditions, including stress, that negatively impact libido and arousal. Second, although many believe they are one in the same, you need to understand that there is a difference between sexual arousal and sexual desire.

Libido refers to the basic interest in sex, and is often referred to as the sex drive or sexual appetite of a woman. The term arousal refers to the physiological response that one receives from sexual stimuli. Typically, if women have a higher libido or more sex drive, then they will also have a greater response to sexual stimuli, and to being aroused. Sexual arousal in women includes physical signs such as vaginal lubrication, and an increase in blood flow to the labia, clitoris, and vagina.

How can I increase my sexual arousal?

Female Arousal Gel such as VieNue Elevate for Women may be used topically to increase cicrulation & sensitivity to the desired area. Women's arousal gel or cream can be a very effective way to increase sexual sensation in the vaginal area.

The easiest and most common way for a woman to see an increase her sexual arousal is to increase the amount of vaginal lubrication. This is easy to do because there are many different vaginal lubricants available. If you are one of the 30 million American women who suffer from a decrease in vaginal lubrication brought on by menopause, then natural supplementation may help get your hormones back in balance and restore your active sex life. However, lubrication alone may not be enough. It's amazing what a tingling lubricant can do.

Elevate for Women is more than a lubricant - it's a potent female sexual stimulant. Applied directly to the clitoris, it's powerful, explosive, and slippery sexy. And, if could just be addicting. Elevate for Women will intensify your every sexual experience, and frequent use of the silky smooth lubrication with natural topical stimulants during foreplay will result in increased arousal and more frequent and stronger orgasms.

Sexual arousal is much more emotional for most women than it is for most men, and quite often, the stress of life, and of menopause, can impact the ability for a woman to become aroused. And while men have a little blue pill, and a yellow pill too, until now, women haven't had anything. Since men are not the only ones that need a little extra help getting aroused, now there is female arousal gel.

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