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How It Works

Why Pills don’t work:
  • Pills are easily processed by the liver. When you consume testosterone in pill form, only a tiny fraction will actually be intact by the time it reaches the blood.
Why injections aren’t the best:
  • They aren’t practical. They are expensive and need to be administered by a doctor.
  • The testosterone formula that is used in injections is suspended in thick cottonseed oil. The cottonseed oil helps your body’s bloodstream absorb the testosterone slowly over multiple days. Although the cottonseed oil is effective, it causes the injection to be painful. Because the oil is so thick, you need a larger gauge needle to administer it. Also, once it is injected, the drug stays in the tissue as a painful knot that can last for up to a couple of days.
Why Cream is so effective:
  • Testosterone cream is applied on your own in the privacy of your home. As with injections, the cream is a prescription, but does not need to be administered by your doctor.
  • It is applied daily and is soaked into the bloodstream slowly throughout the day.
  • It costs less than injections and isn’t painful!

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